Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the this many boyfriends club - anything is popsicle EP + more

hey everybody it's been a while since i posted anything, but i thought if anyone was still reading this i should get y'all up to date here is the EP i self-released with my band, THE THIS MANY BOYFRIENDS CLUB, last october:

and here are some videos of us performing over the last year:

"our old street" (from anything is popsicle):


i hope you like them! if you do please follow us on our various networks:



youtube channel

stayed tuned if you dig us - we've got lots of shows and recordings coming out this year

thanks so much for all of your support!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

the foolish way we live our lives: a mix for summer 2011

hello everyone,

i guess it's been a while since i've posted anything here. i've been hard at work on a lot of new projects that, if you are reading this blog, you probably have heard me talk about in person, like the new day sleeper album, a new band called the this many boyfriends club, and all kinds of other things i may not be at liberty to disclose. the point is i haven't had any time to post more original material on the site. in the interest of assuring my nascent (read: nonexistent) following that i am still alive, i made a little mixtape for the summer in the spirit of the "season's not long" tape i made last spring. put it on loud and stick your hand out the car window.

download "the foolish way we live our lives: summer 2011"


1. the sundays - summertime
2. the replacements - talent show
3. taken by trees - anna
4. the english beat - save it for later
5. carsick cars - zhi yuan de ren
6. atom & his package - atari track and field/new controller conspiracy
7. the 6ths - falling out of love (with you)
8. the dB's - she's not worried
9. the spinanes - reach v. speed
10. the for carnation - on the swing
11. tal bachman - she's so high
12. krill - 32 teeth
13. sleater-kinney - leave you behind
14. red house painters - over my head
15. 12 rods - girl sun
16. the national - gospel

Monday, January 31, 2011

cas kaplan - she imitates a frown

coffee cans and handfuls of change! borrowing instruments, breaking curfew and neglecting responsibilities! pirate radio-ready pillow-couched misanthropy! anti-love songs for conduction-deaf ears! guitars! software! whispers! shouts! menace! affection! affectation! ennui! habits! torn clothes and loose sheets! victorian novels and foreign fiction! refinement! vernacular! spinning head and robot fingers! an abundance of plastic! toes half-frozen and eyes half shut! elaborate crassness and circuitous metaphor! malaise! the common cold! melpomene! thalia! mneme! aiode!

another album about bad feelings, but this time you can dance to it!

download cas kaplan - she imitates a frown


1. fourteen fourteen
2. a little fucking candor
3. pray for lizzie
4. honeybee
5. as i remember you (hiding place part ii)
6. counting lashes (more of a brother part ii)
7. the most vainglorious game
8. modesty dictates
9. waking up

all songs by cas kaplan; "pray for lizzie" and "as i remember you" feature compositional input by justin k. wong and matt dowling; "as i remember you" contains a quotation from "stares into attics" by phil kaplan, roger stevenson, david greenberger and jon proudman

dedicated to the memory of BLUESTOCKINGS

Monday, January 17, 2011

aestatis - slow sparks

COMPOSED OF: samples, spare time

FREE OF: lyrics, obnoxious literary references, self-loathing

download aestatis - slow sparks


1. nothing stops her
2. sparks
3. don't let me lose you
4. sometimes i wonder
5. the turtle
6. sleepturner

sample credits: archers of loaf, the american analog set, anne briggs, aix em klemm, 12 rods, kow otani, junichi masuda, cowboy junkies, blonde redhead, broadcast, life without buildings, the dead texan, beijing angelic choir, james blackshaw, ava luna, beat happening, atom and his package, big star, eggstone, blink182, third eye blind, bruce peninsula, bjork

dedicated to the memory of trish keenan

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

cas kaplan - hight winterland

"winter is come again. how are you doing?"

download cas kaplan - hight winterland


1. let's go
2. murdering birds
3. let go
4. no dreaming in winter
5. winterland (too slow)

all songs by cas kaplan; cover photo by christy romanick

Friday, December 3, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

cas kaplan - no poetry EP

anti songs, anti everything

download cas kaplan - no poetry EP


1. lethe
2. elliptical construction or a limpid construct
3. if i tried
4. no poetry

all songs by cas kaplan; cover photo by luke pyenson

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

announcing: bluestockings

i am in a new band up here in montreal. we are called bluestockings, and we now have a myspace.

bluestockings: the band?

look forward to more activity from us

Monday, October 4, 2010

addendum: prospect street

hello again,

i was browsing the archives and it occurred to me that of the many projects i undertook this past summer, easily the most significant of all of them was my participation in the newton theatre collective, who constitute the most inspiring group of young people i have ever met - i, with them, in the space of about two months, conceived, wrote, produced, promoted, and performed an original show titled "prospect street." in addition to this, i also provided "incidental music" - that is, filler songs to play in the intermissions. the music got a positive response so, in the interest of obsessive completism, i present it as a miniature companion to the recently uploaded maybe we'll be friends, as many of the songs produced for "prospect street" exist in other forms on present and past editions of that album. also, astute observers will note a masked aestatis track - i had a time quota, people.

download cas kaplan - prospect street


1. coming home
2. maybe we'll be friends
3. pocket monster
4. stay asleep
5. you feel it too
6. bookend

all songs by cas kaplan; "pocket monster" contains samples of junichi masuda, au revoir simone, and stars of the lid.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

cas kaplan - maybe we'll be friends

this is the album i've been threatening to release for several years now. it's undergone a number of title changes ("city winding down," "history of the moon," "an endless ocean of stars") and the tracklist has been in flux. the songs themselves were written and recorded over a period of some five years ("the face that you made" is from when i was fifteen, while the chinese lullaby was done last winter) and i've spent all this time hemming and hawing about how to "release" it, and so now here it is. some of it is a little embarrassing, but i think there's value to being embarrassed about some of one's artistic output, because if the embarrassment is real then so is the art. i do hope you like it.

download cas kaplan - maybe we'll be friends


1. hyacinth, adonis and echo
2. stay asleep
3. the face that you made
4. maybe we'll be friends
5. 催眠曲 (看!看!看!)
6. kindly (faith)
7. no more lonely
8. lake of time

all songs by cas kaplan. additional vocals on "maybe we'll be friends" and "kindly (faith)" by kitty pop! cover photo by christy romanick.

cassette and cd-r copies available as always upon request.

Monday, July 5, 2010

cas kaplan - little scientists

recorded during one of the happiest periods of my life. few takes, minimal production, limited time wasted, all levels turned up shit high. fucking loud. two love songs (one's not mine), a breakup song, some hate songs, the rest are nonsense. lots of old shit i wanted to get rid of. two covers. listen loud. take issue with the sound, fuck you.

download cas kaplan - little scientists


1. accent
2. outside
3. the only kids
4. stupid fucking kids
5. favorite place
6. barely nothing wrong
7. ashley
8. the way out
9. seafoam
10. stuntman
11. heard you (were) looking
12. keeps me healthy
13. real funny
14. tonight?
15. tonight part II
16. three reasons you should fuck me

all songs by cas kaplan, except "barely nothing wrong" by phil kaplan and "stuntman" by jared arnold

if anyone wants this on tape, just pay for the tape and postage (

Friday, April 16, 2010

season's not long - a mixtape for spring 2010

a new cas kaplan album is in the works but i haven't been writing very much lately. day sleeper is also at work, and i'll be touring and recording with day sleeper, shai, and the craters this summer.

however, i did just spend my whole afternoon making this mixtape instead of studying. it's designed for a 90 minute tape, forty five minutes per side. as bitter as i can be about the impending three days of rain in montreal, this tape is the closest i'm able to get to some form of artistic release. i'm quite proud of it.

download "season's not long - spring 2010"


side 1: the songbird yesterday

1. bjork - venus as a boy
2. enon - window display
3. longwave - pool song
4. eggstone - my trumpets
5. oasis - songbird
6. male bonding - year's not long
7. jens lekman - julie
8. pavement - shady lane/j vs. s
9. the la's - feelin'
10. the lassie foundation - i'm stealin' to be your one in a million (new version)
11. death cab for cutie - the sound of settling
12. blur - good song
13. men & volts - barely nothing wrong
14. mint royale - don't falter

side 2: love in june

1. lemon jelly - the staunton lick
2. slowdive - alison
3. the wannadies - love in june
4. lit - zip-lock
5. gorillaz feat. gruff rhys and de la soul - superfast jellyfish
6. wheatus - sunshine
7. sugar ray - every morning
8. my bloody valentine - blown a wish
9. angels and airwaves - everything's magic
10. om shanti om - deewangi deewangi
11. the pillows - funny bunny