Thursday, May 19, 2011

the foolish way we live our lives: a mix for summer 2011

hello everyone,

i guess it's been a while since i've posted anything here. i've been hard at work on a lot of new projects that, if you are reading this blog, you probably have heard me talk about in person, like the new day sleeper album, a new band called the this many boyfriends club, and all kinds of other things i may not be at liberty to disclose. the point is i haven't had any time to post more original material on the site. in the interest of assuring my nascent (read: nonexistent) following that i am still alive, i made a little mixtape for the summer in the spirit of the "season's not long" tape i made last spring. put it on loud and stick your hand out the car window.

download "the foolish way we live our lives: summer 2011"


1. the sundays - summertime
2. the replacements - talent show
3. taken by trees - anna
4. the english beat - save it for later
5. carsick cars - zhi yuan de ren
6. atom & his package - atari track and field/new controller conspiracy
7. the 6ths - falling out of love (with you)
8. the dB's - she's not worried
9. the spinanes - reach v. speed
10. the for carnation - on the swing
11. tal bachman - she's so high
12. krill - 32 teeth
13. sleater-kinney - leave you behind
14. red house painters - over my head
15. 12 rods - girl sun
16. the national - gospel

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  1. This looks intriguing. Thanks for assembling it and sharing.